Bethan Perel

CEO & Founder

B.Phty(Hons), MBA

As a healthcare professional herself, Bethan has seen how the relationship between medical experts and empowered patients is catalysed by combining medical knowledge, exceptional communications and the possibilities of digital health tools. The extraordinary potential for improvement in patient outcomes is a driving force behind Bethan’s work.

Bethan entered the healthcare sector as a physiotherapist. Working as a physiotherapist forges communications skills because intensive work with the same patient over long periods often involves helping patients to understand their diagnoses and the medical advice that comes with them. 

Over her 19 years in the sector, Bethan has shifted her focus from clinical practice to growing quality businesses so those businesses can help more people. She has worked closely with private medical specialists and other health professionals to develop, implement and market new services. 

She secured project management qualifications and achieved an MBA with a concentration on communication. She worked in the private sector and in government, adding even more perspective to her understanding of how the informed application of strategy and communications can grow healthcare businesses and improve patient outcomes.

Founding Plain Speaking Health has given Bethan the chance to turn proven methodologies into results for medical specialists, researchers and healthcare entrepreneurs. Her insights and unique experience see her sought out by businesses that seek to make the most impact.
For Bethan, this gives her the chance to pursue her own end goals, to:

Make sure real experts have the tools they need to have the strongest possible voice in their patients’ care

Empower patients directly to understand their condition, engage in their care and take powerful personal actions to improve their health outcomes