Business development, marketing and communications for experts in healthcare, healthtech and research

Do you have expertise that you need non-experts to understand and acton?
Are you looking for marketing advice to grow a medical practice?
Do you need crystal-clear communications that improve your patients’ outcomes?
Do you have research or technology the world needs to know about?

We can help.

Some of the organisations we've worked with:

Turn your expertise into action.

The world needs its experts more than ever.
That means we need our experts to be understood by non-experts.

At Plain Speaking Health, we work with medical specialists, researchers, and healthcare entrepreneurs and technologists. We translate their deep knowledge into communications that propel non-experts to take action.
  • You might want our help growing your business with smart marketing. We can help you to make your vision and difference clear – to patients who need you, to referrers and even to specialists you’d like to recruit into your practice.
  • Perhaps you’re looking to take patient outcomes to the next level by clearly and persuasively turning your advice into digestible, actionable messages.
  • We can also help you to get your research funded, into the right hands and acted on.
  • Or maybe you have a new healthtech solution that needs a clever launch strategy or ongoing marketing support. You’ll find the perfect combination in our health insights, our marketing expertise and our experience with tech startups.

Who we are

Plain Speaking Health is a business development, marketing and communications agency found by a health professional. Our expertise is in working with you to translate your expertise for a non-specialist audience.

Clients in healthcare and research count on us for strategic advice and proven methodologies to grow businesses, for marketing that brings in the right audience, and for communications that lead to measurable outcomes.

Our clients are professionals who rely on the latest evidence to inform their practice. And so do we. As communicators working in health, life sciences and healthtech, we specialise in evidence-based content. You can count on us to create researched materials, backed by an efficient review process.

Marketing for healthcare, research and healthtech organisations

Are you an expert in your field?
Do you work for a healthcare or research organisation?
Do you need expertise to be recognised by and acted on by people who aren’t experts in the fields?

If you are, then it sounds like we could be a great fit. We can help translate your expertise for your patients or audiences, amplify your message, and support your existing marketing team (if you have one).

Please let us know how we can help you turn your knowledge into impact.